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Ken Thompson

The Reston Bike Club Century is named in honor of Ken Thompson, founder of the Club and Chairman, Treasurer, and Board Member for over 30 years. His contributions to the club and the cycling community were invaluable.

He was one of the most magnanimous, generous, and great-hearted persons we had the pleasure to know.  Ken was always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it was leading a ride, volunteering at an event, or helping out with club business. He was a passionate advocate for cycling, and he was always looking for ways to promote the sport and make it more accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Ken was also a great friend and mentor to many members of the club. He was always willing to share his knowledge and experience, and he was always encouraging and supportive. Just a few of his contributions include:

    • Development of several hundred routes and printing and handing out cue sheets for every route, every week to give to riders at ride launches even before bike computers were available.   
    • Including high school budding graphical artists to compete in designing an innovative RBC jersey each year for many years. 
    • Planning and leading the Reston Century event for many years before training others in the skills of large event management.

The legacy that Ken started endures to this day.  We still hold Tuesday and Thursday ride events in Reston and Herndon every week and all year long.  We still hold the annual Reston Century with multiple routes to for all  riders, and maintain a library of bike routes open to the public, many of which he designed himself. 

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Reston Bicycle Club welcomes bicycling-related organizations and non-profits to apply for a grant to further their work. The Club will provide up to $1000 per approved grant. Grants are reviewed at the next Executive Board Meeting following the request. Candidates will be informed of grant decision after the meeting.

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